Welcome Back!

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Welcome Back Prelude Gamers!

Below is the list of servers we currently have online and active.

Enigmatica 2 Expert e2e.preludegaming.net
FTB Revelation rev.preludegaming.net
Project Ozone 3 po3.preludegaming.net
SevTech Ages sev.preludegaming.net

We’re still currently working on the voting and store solutions.

Please report any issues that arrive to the ticketing system. That can be located at the top of the website by clicking the ‘Support’ button. Please ensure that you include the server you’re having issues with as well as your IGN.


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Staff have the final say as to what is against the rules, arguing this in chat can lead to further consequences. All players are allowed an appeal unless specifically noted . All appeals may be made in the form of a support ticket that will be answered at an agreed time and date on the specified server voice chat (either Teamspeak or Discord.). A microphone is not required.

There is to be no griefing (This includes but is not limited to stealing, raiding, teleport luring, PvP actions etc.) in the main world (“overworld”) or in any player’s personal worlds. Griefing and PvP in any other dimension or world (I.e. the nether, the end, lava world, etc.) is allowed. If you grief a player’s Applied Energistics 2 system or any manner of item storage system, you will be immediately banned permanently on the entire network, without grounds for appeal, following a thorough investigation. If you trust any player’s into your claims we are not responsible for...

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