Welcome Back!


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Welcome Back Prelude Gamers!

Below is the list of servers we currently have online and active.

All the Mods 3 atm3.preludegaming.net
Direwolf20 direwolf.preludegaming.net
Enigmatica 2 Normal en2norm.preludegaming.net
Enigmatica 2 Expert en2hard.preludegaming.net
FTB Ultimate Reloaded ultimate.preludegaming.net
SkyFactory 4 sf4.preludegaming.net
StoneBlocks 2 sb2.preludegaming.net

We’re still currently working on the voting and store solutions.

Please report any issues that arrive to the ticketing system. That can be located at the top of the website by clicking the ‘Support’ button. Please ensure that you include the server you’re having issues with as well as your IGN.
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